Join us for the Oakley Pup Crawl
April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Hounds on Hogs: Motorcycle Riding With Man’s Best Friend

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Join us for the Oakley Pup Crawl

Come say hello to us at this year’s Oakly Pup Crawl in Oakley Square. The cost is $25 + $5 per dog and includes a shirt, coozi, gift bag you can take around to vendors

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April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is recognized as National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. This month is all about the importance of being educated and trained in what steps to take in an emergency. It’s also a great time

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Hounds on Hogs: Motorcycle Riding With Man’s Best Friend

Taking a two-wheeled road trip doesn’t have to be a solo mission. If your love for motorcycles runs as deep as the love you have for your pup, why not combine the two? All you’ll

no smoking


I’ve never been a smoker but I have many friends, family and customers who do smoke. While I try to stay out of smokes way I realize this may sometimes be impossible. Losing my sister

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Stubborn no More!

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to spend more time outdoors with their pets. And so it is also the time of year when I hear more frequently complaints about dogs ignoring their


Polyethylene Glycol and your Pet

Recently, I was working with a dog who was suffering from severe itching and hair loss.  After we went through the usual dietary factors, we started to go over her environment and eventually her grooming

Dog at the vet

Do You Know Who’s Taking Care of Your Pet?

We let them cuddle on the couch, sleep in our beds and even eat off our plate. Yes, we love our pets as if they were our own children. That being said, do you scrutinize

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What is Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)?

Did you know that dogs and cats can develop behaviors in their old age that are the same as dementia in humans?  We know that we (humans) are prone to cognitive impairment as we age


How to Keep your Dog from Eating Poo

It’s not the most pleasant question but one many dog owners have – how can you get your dog to stop eating poop? When I look to modify a pet behavior using the most positive,


Giving Back to your Favorite Pet Service Organizations

When we think of giving to animal organizations, the most obvious examples are gifts of money and time.  There are many rescue organizations and shelters that appreciate volunteers who will help them care for the