What Age Should you Adopt a Pet?
Keep Your Pets Safe Around the Pool this Summer
Helping Storm Phobias

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What Age Should you Adopt a Pet?

So you are looking to adopt a puppy or kitten, dog or cat… what age should you get? That depends on a lot of factors. Let me try to explain some differences in your choices

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Keep Your Pets Safe Around the Pool this Summer

Not all dogs can swim, and my sweet 5-year-old dachshund unfortunately is one of them. His stubby legs just can’t execute the doggie paddle, so he ends up just treading water in circles. But even

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Helping Storm Phobias

Do you have an anxious dog fearful of thunderstorms or fireworks? Many dogs experience these fears and pet parents can be at their wits end to find a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, I was


Why You Should Never Use Your Pet’s Name as a Password

Your border collie, Labrador retriever or cocker spaniel might be a fantastic watch dog, keeping you safe from burglars, robbers and even the UPS man, but that’s as far as their security duties should go.

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Do you know your ABC’s?

If you are around me a lot, at some point you will hear me talk about this. I include it in my writings sometimes too. The ABC’s I am referring to have to do with


Chamomile for your Pet

May 1st marks the beginning of the summer season when the sun is celebrated as a giver of bounty.  The summer fire starts to burn and with a little rain, we have the makings of

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How to Plan a Pet Funeral With Your Family

Nearly three-quarters of American homes own one or more pets, and as much as our pets fill our lives with joy, eventually they’ll pass on. Letting grief and mourning overtake the story of your pet’s


2014 Oakley Pup Crawl

The photos are here! The photos are here! Check out all the fun from this year’s Oakley Pup Crawl! Also check it out on our Facebook page and tag yourself! [Photos courtesy of Niki Courtade

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Join us for the Oakley Pup Crawl

Come say hello to us at this year’s Oakly Pup Crawl in Oakley Square. The cost is $25 + $5 per dog and includes a shirt, coozi, gift bag you can take around to vendors

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April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

April is recognized as National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. This month is all about the importance of being educated and trained in what steps to take in an emergency. It’s also a great time